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Scalp Micro Pigmentation Nyc

Scalp Micropigmentation


what is scalp micropigmentation ? it is a tattoo. don't let someone tell you different. when you are going on a free consultation at other places that offer the same service please ask them the following.

1) are you going to use a tattoo machine or a permanent  make up tattoo device.  

2) are you going to inject ink into my scalp/skin during the scalp micropigmentation process

3) based on the answers that the individual gives you,draw your own conclusions.

don't fall victim to paying thousands for a tattoo or should i say scalp  pigmentation. this is a tattoo and should be priced in the same range as a tattoo. they say in life you get what you paid for, well you are paying for a tattoo, plain and simple. The Note above pictures of me tattooing a scalp to give the illusion of a full head of hair. notice the tattoo machine.take note of the before and after pictures.